Youth Service

Youth Services recognizes the importance of youth and young adults in bringing positive change to the world.  Our Club provides leadership development and recognition activities in several areas including:

  • Youth Exchange,
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • Bursaries and Scholarships (Campbell River Rotary Club Foundation),
  • send students on "adventures" in Citizenship {Ottawa}, Music, Energy, Aviation, Forestry, etc.,
  • support the Carihi Interact Club,  
  • conduct Citizen Reaffirmation Ceremonies at 3 local schools annually (a "Citizenship Court" type experience for 800 or more "home grown" students), and
  • honour a middle or secondary “Student of the Month” (10 annually).
Carihi Interact Club

Interact is an international organization of service and social clubs for young people of secondary school are that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship and promotes interational understanding and peace.  The word "Interact" is a combination of the words "international" and "action".  Rotary provides guidance and inspiration but the Interact clubs are self-governing and self supporting.

Our Club was instrumental in the formation of the Carihi Interact Club in 1996 with Rotarian John Spry leading the way.  The Club typically has 40 or so members and performs at least one community service project plus one that furthers international understanding and goodwill.

The Club meets at Carihi - Rotarians are welcome.